About passing nursing book

Since you’re here, I assume you’re somewhere in the journey to become a nurse. Many congratulations to you for coming this far. It doesn’t matter which stage you are on, what’s important is that you have come this far. Even if you’re just thinking about starting nursing school, I congratulate you for taking the first step.

Now, let’s talk about me and why this book. When I first got into nursing school, I studied from the textbooks. I did extremely well in all my classes. But when I took my first HESI exam, I did not do so well. My low score made me look for resources that I could use to do better in these exams. Unfortunately, I did not find one. The ones that were available were too wordy and let’s be honest, there is no way to retain all that information and remember it. I started a method of taking notes in one sentence about everything I thought I needed to know. Before I knew it, I had books and books full and I started doing better and better in my HESI exams. To a point where I never made anything below a 1000. I knew the method was working so I used the same for my NCLEX and passed it as well.

This is my tried and tested method and I guarantee that if you study it thoroughly, you will have no problem in passing any standardized exams. Not only that, the information you will learn will stick in your minds and you will be able to apply it during your career.

I hope you enjoy this book and learn a lot from it. I also hope for this book to become the most important and hopefully the only resource and you won’t end up buying all the books that you will never be able to finish. Trustingly, this book will become an asset on your journey to becoming a nurse